5 Reasons Why Klean Kanteen is the Best for Little Travelers

We had a “toddler moment” recently in Jamaica while we were hanging our wet swimsuits out to dry on the clothesline of our balcony. J joined us, walked over to the edge, and threw his bottle through the slats of the fourth story balcony. We heard it hit the sidewalk below with a thud.

Little stinker snickering right after he threw his bottle off of our 4-story balcony

Anthony ran downstairs to find what was left of the bottle. I would have expected it to be dented so badly that it would now be unusable. It was a little scratched, but otherwise no damage at all – gotta love Klean Kanteen stainless steel!

While there are other stainless steel bottle companies, we haven’t found anything else that compares with the quality of Klean Kanteen bottles and sippy cups. We also use their adult water bottles for ourselves while traveling and have been really happy with them.

Here are the reasons why we Klean Kanteen bottles are the best for your little traveler:

  1. Sanitation: Stainless steel is key in areas of the world where water needs to be boiled before using it for washing or drinking. I have been using stainless steel water bottles of one type or another since 2003 when I was traveling to less developed areas of China where boiled water was the only safe water. Plastic won’t cut it because it can warp and gradually degrades over time. Furthermore, if you need to wash out a bottle on the airplane, boiling water is the only option to get it clean, which leaves stainless steel as the only suitable option.
  2. Strength: glass is also a possibility, but its an impractical one when you are traveling. I’m sure you can imagine what would have happened to a glass bottle had J thrown it off of the fourth story balcony. Plastic might have fared a little better, but would likely have cracked on impact.
  3. Temperature Gauging: stainless steel is the temperature of the liquid that you put in it. This is really important when you are traveling with a young child. In places where water is boiled it can be easy to accidentally get the water too hot in a plastic bottle – especially since a lot of the boilers in hotel rooms are also plastic. Stainless steel also cools faster than plastic does, so even if the water is too hot at the start, it will be cooler much faster.
  4. Longevity: most baby bottles don’t get much use after eighteen months. Plastic bottles are more prone to bacteria buildup and have to be replaced more often, glass breaks and children eventually move on to sippy cups and regular cups. The nice thing about Klean Kanteen bottles is that regular Klean Kanteen caps fit them. So when they no longer need the bottle or sippy top, you just switch them out and they become a child-sized drink bottle. This makes these bottles more economical in the long run since they last much longer than plastic, even though they are more expensive up front up front.
  5. Less is more: because the bottles are stainless steel, they just go through the dishwasher. Nothing special is needed. As result, we have been fine with three of each size. Total. While we initially bought these with travel in mind, they quickly became the only ones we used.

That’s a wrap for our review. If you’re interested in ordering one of these bottles, check them out here or on Amazon. Let us know if you have any questions!