Should I Wait For Another 100K Platinum Amex Offer If I Wasn’t Target This Round?

I have had several readers read my post about the 100K Membership Rewards offer for the Platinum AMEX and message me telling me that they tried the Card Match online approval form, but instead of being offered 100K MRs, were only offered 60K, 80K or another amount less than 100K. Everyone wanted to know whether they should get the card now with an offer for less than 100K MRs or wait for another opportunity. The answer is simple: it’s probably NOT worth waiting unless you have another card that is currently earning you miles/points. The reason is that AMEX only offers the Platinum AMEX for 100K a couple of times a year and could stop that promotion at any time. Additionally, if you don’t qualify for 100K MRs now, you may not qualify for it if and when the promotion comes around again. In fact, you may not be offered the bonus you were just offered if you wait until later.

In all cases of the readers who messaged me about this topic, everyone was offered at least 10K points more than the standard offer of 40K MRs. Thus, it makes sense to just move forward with the bird in hand and get a better bonus that what is already being offered to everyone else. Waiting for a better credit card bonus to come around later is like waiting for a stock to have a better price to buy in when it may not come around later, causing you to miss out on the opportunity that you have RIGHT NOW to begin earning (that’s part of the reason why I refer to this site as “Invest In Travel.” In the case of those of you who do not have a points/miles earning card, you’re just missing out on the opportunity to get an already above average bonus and begin to earn more with what you are already spending. For those of you that are already earning miles/points through another card and want to wait, there’s nothing wrong with that. Again, a lot of this is a gamble just like the stock market.

If you know you have a trip coming up and want to use the lounges in the airports that you know you will travel through, want credit toward your airline incidentals, or don’t have a card that doesn’t charge for foreign transaction fees, you are best served by getting this card RIGHT AWAY. Even if your trip is a few months away and you’re eying the card for the Global Entry credit, hurry up and get the card now because it can take weeks to get an interview for Global Entry once your application has been submitted (you’ll still have your fee comped by AMEX within a few days even if you can’t secure an interview right away).

Bottom line: there are more reasons NOT to wait to get this card. Weigh the benefits that you already have and make the right choice for you.

Feature image above by David Castillo Dominici and courtesy of Copyright 2014