100,000 Membership Rewards – New Targeted AMEX Platinum Offer!

Last week, I discussed the value of Membership Rewards in this post and also detailed the numerous benefits of the AMEX Platinum. I just heard that there is an offer from CreditCards.com for 100,000 Membership Rewards (MRs) points for signing up for the AMEX Platinum and spending $3,000 within the first 3 months. That offer can be found through the Card Match online approval form that identifies people who are targeted for certain offers. If your info matches the profile of the people that AMEX is targeting, you should be eligible to apply for the AMEX Platinum. If not, you may be eligible to apply for other cards with various other offers.

Since this is a profoundly awesome deal, I tried to see if Joy was eligible and sadly she was not  😥 However, I hope that some of you may be eligible and can get this INCREDIBLE bonus. I have been following AMEX bonus offers for several years now and have always missed them by a week or so. Don’t miss out on this one because AMEX never offers bonuses better than this and it usually only happens once or twice a year. In fact, the normal sign-up bonus is only 40,000 MRs. 100K MRs is enough to experience Singapore Airlines Suites one-way to nearly anywhere in their system. Alternatively, you could use the points transfer to ANA or British Airways for two economy class flights on United and American respectively to a number of destinations in the Caribbean or Hawaii. There are a ton of other travel options and transfer partners that you could use as well. The bottom line is that 100K MRs could be the equivalent of thousands of dollars saved on travel!

Finally, Card Match tool has also brought up offers for the AMEX Gold Rewards Plus card which awards 50,000 MRs for $3,000 spent within the first 3 months. The offer is not as good as the Platinum card and the Gold card does not offer the same travel benefits either. However, unlike the Platinum, the Gold Rewards Plus is free for the first year ($175 each year after) and offers bonuses for certain types of spending:

  • 3X points for flights booked directly with airlines
  • 2X points at US gas stations
  • 2X points at US supermarkets
  • 1X points on other purchases

This is a great card that actually provides extra points for every day spending and travel. I do not have this card in my possession because I elected to get the Chase Ink Business Card instead (I’ll be writing about that card this week) but that doesn’t mean this card won’t work great for you. For more info about the AMEX Gold Rewards card, click here.

Sure hope to see some of you get approved for the 100K Platinum Offer. If it works, share your success stories in the comments below!

Note: We do not receive any money or bonuses for advertising credit cards. We share our experiences exclusively for the benefit of helping others realize that their dream vacation is within closer reach than they believe.